1st Day of Preschool


Dear Tala,

Today was your first day at preschool. You were a bit hesitant to go. You wanted to just stay home. But I convinced you I would start attending my own school as well and that no one would be home to take care of you so you hesitantly agreed to go. Yesterday, you were quite excited helping me out in labelling your stuff for preschool. We have been prepping you for a while now about going to preschool. We had practiced going to the toilet together, washing your hands, opening and closing you lunch box and water bottle, taking turns and asking help from your teacher.

I thought I would cry when I left you at KU. But I know you would have lots of fun once you get used to it and meet more friends. I was surprisingly calm and excited about having more time now to pursue and accomplish my goals.

You’re only going 3x a week so we still have lots of time to do things together. Have fun and see you later.


It a bit chilly today but you insisted on wearing a dress.

Daddy is helping you find your preschool hat.

Here you are practicing to wash your hands with another first-timer.

Teacher Heather is showing you the toilet.

Daddy is reading one story before saying our goodbyes.



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