Camping at Upper Colo River

Dear Tala, We celebrated our 2nd holiday in 2016 camping at Colo River during the long weekend coinciding with Australia Day. Australia Day was on Tuesday so Daddy had to take a leave of absence that Monday so we could camp for 3 nights. We had planned this ahead of time with Liv’s mum and dad.  I would say, it was one of our best camping experiences yet. Liv’s mum and dad love camping and the outdoors as much as we do. They are great friends to hang around with. But best of all, we were glad that you had a blast in this trip as well. Most probably because you had Liv to play with and Colo River has an amazing beachside and spacious campground for you to explore and roam around.

Day 1 – March 23, Saturday

After setting up the camp and an afternoon nap, off we went to the beach. You are getting more confident now in the water. You went charging towards the water without fear and hesitation. Trying out our trusted inflatable mattress in Colo River. Mum’s favourite time of the day. Beautiful afternoon light!

Swim buddies.

  It’s a wrap.

Day 2 

Despite of intermittent rain showers through out the day, we still went bushwalking this day. There wasn’t really an establish walking tracks around, so we traced the dirt road from our camp ground to the wooden bridge. You and Liv had a blast walking in the rain and jumping into big muddy puddles. Late in the afternoon, we went back to the riverside again.

Keeping yourselves busy.

Thank you Liv for sharing your painting materials.

Daddy’s favourite time of the day – morning coffee.

Chasing cockatoos.

Off we go.Finding a bush track.

You both look cute in your raincoats.

Yours is a hand-me-down one from Sienna.

Back to beachside in the arvo.

Sandcastle is serious business for Daddy.

All fresh and showered. Now watching Peppa Pig while the grown-ups are preparing dinner.

Wine-o-clock for the daddies.

Dinner time at last.

Day 3

It was another relaxing day for us. We all just chilled in the camp before heading out for a drive to the main town. There’s nothing much to see in the town except for a small church and a cemetery. You went up-close and personal with the cows and horses in the paddocks though and the countryside itself was quite idyllic. On the way back, we stopped near the wooden bridge to take some photos. Liv’s dad loves taking photos of bridges.

Photoshoot of Liv’s car crossing the bridge.

You gotta throw some pebbles just because…

Upper Colo River

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