DIY Candle Arrangements

In my quest to save a few bucks when we were furnishing and decorating our rented flat in Sydney, I surfed the web for home decor ideas that I could use and modify to suit our humble shack.

For the candle arrangement, I raided Vinnies Center in our suburb and bought these unique plates and converted them as bases for the candles. Vinnies Centers sell surplus, second-hand stuff and other donated bric a brac at reasonable prices to raise fund for those in need.

The smooth shiny pebbles were a hand me down collection from Charles mum, who used to polish rocks as a hobby. I got the set of candles from IKEA and added a pack of pink crushed stones, which I plan to use in decorating my indoor potted plants.

A bit of twiddling and dabbling and voila!  I’ve made a cheap, personal and functional home decor.


On our coffee table


 Bookshelf decoration


Bathroom candle arrangement