Out and About: Cabramatta


Dear Tala,

Today, you’re a month’s away from celebrating your 1st birthday. You have made your first few steps too – a very exciting exploit indeed! Your Dad and I are so proud of you. To celebrate this very important milestone, mum decided to take you on your longest train commute so far to Sydney’s Saigon with Tita Miranda and your friend Aiden.

It was already late in the afternoon when we got here so we didn’t get the chance to explore everything it had to offer (well at least to mummy’s own liking). After a bowl of hot steaming Pho, we had a quick look around the markets for some Vietnamese sweets. I felt at home here and we will prolly visit again next time with your Dad.

P.S. You seemed to enjoy train rides now so we’re probably off to India next!

Trying out rice noodles for the first time.

Spit to Manly Walk

Dear Tala,

Today was your longest bush walk so far. After doing a few bush walks at Balls Head Reserve and Lane Cove National Park, your dad and I thought you’re now ready for a longer and more challenging walk. Your dad and I took turns in carrying you through the scenic 10-kilometer track from Spit to Manly. We didn’t have an early start so we were walking at the height of the noontime sun but you were still able to manage a bit of snooze when I was carrying you in the Ergo.

P.S. It was a successful walk which prompted your dad and I in doing The Great North Walk as our next goal.

Visiting Aunt Sue

Dear Tala,

Today, we paid Ma and Pa a visit at Aunt Sue’s place. They were visiting Sydney for a week to see your great grandma at the nursing home and to see you of course. It’s been a while since they last saw you and they had been looking forward to see you again.

P.S. You look fab in your new dress. It’s a gift from Aunt Alison.

1st Camping Trip

Dear Tala,

On your 9th month we took you on your first camping trip. Your dad and I had been looking forward to taking you with us from the moment you were born.  We wanted you to love and enjoy the outdoors early on. Dad grew-up spending many weekends and holidays camping with his family and some of my best childhood memories was spent doing camping trips and outdoor pursuits.

We could have taken you earlier but we decided to wait till the weather was warm enough and you’re big enough to sleep through the night. We didn’t want to disturb the peace in the bush when you’re trying to call out in the middle of the night


Our campsite was lovely. It was a lush piece of land owned by Dad’s friends; Anna and Marcel. It’s a haven for wombats and different species of birds. There were wombats’ holes everywhere and there’s one just behind our tent. By the time you read this, you would have probably explored every nook and cranny of this bushland.

The first night was a bit rough for mummy. I think you got cold in the middle of the night so you ended up snuggling with me taking up all the space of my tiny inflatable mattress. We almost packed up the next day because I was afraid I might do another all-nighter again. Good thing we stayed. The next night was more pleasant and this time I kept you snug and warm in your cot.

P.S. You were such a trooper.The whole roughing it out experience in the bush didn’t bother you after all. Another camping trip was now on the way.

Marcel preparing his special South African dish.

Thank you Sienna for the Weetbix

Enjoying the last bit of bush sunshine before heading back to the city

Pack up time

Thank you Anna

And here you are. We are trying to raise  you as “free-range” as we can.