Tala Turned 2

Dear Tala,

Today,  we celebrated your 2nd birthday in our new home. Ma baked again your birthday cake just as good as the one she baked for you on your first birthday. It was simple but it was delicious and made with lots of love. I thought it should become a tradition to have your birthday cake always made by the people who love you the most. Oh who knows, I might cave in someday and buy those fancy birthday cakes from the shops, But I reckon, nothing beats a homemade cake lovingly prepared by Ma and maybe by me someday.

We had some nibbles in the morning then had a delicious lunch prepared by Ma. We had the cake for dessert. You still didn’t like anything chocolate so you never tasted your cake.  It was fine with me though since I love every bit of Ma’s cake :)

No pictures mummy!


Opening of Pressies

A scooter from Mum and Dad

“Rumble in the Jungle” book from Ma and Pa

A lovely dress and another Peppa Pig book from Aunt Sue


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